HIV infection risks

Many studies are completed to calculate HIV infection chances. The percentages below are combined from 16 high quality studies; based on single acts of sexual exposure with an HIV positive person.

Risk of HIV transmission Range of estimates
Receptive vaginal 0.018% – 0.150%
Insertive vaginal 0.06% – 0.62%
Receptive anal 0.4% – 3.38%
Insertive anal 0.03% – 0.09%
Oral sex low (but non-zero)


Caution is needed when interpreting these figures. These numbers should be accompanied by information on why the risk may be higher than it seems.

Factors that can increase the risk:

–          STI’s

–          Vaginal conditions

–          Tearing and abrasions

–          Menstruation and other bleeding

–          Higher viral load

Transmission can occur after one single exposure.

No two exposures are exactly the same. Research shows us several factors that can increase or decrease the risk of exposure that leads to HIV infection.
These include rough or longer sex, activities that caused tearing and inflammation, enemas before anal sex, tooth brushing or dental work before oral sex, a man being uncircumcised, a woman menstruating etc.
Each exposure carries a unique risk of transmission, it all depends on various types of sex and a combination of many biological factors.

Calculating the risk may ease your mind after an unsafe sexual exposure, but keep in mind, even just one exposure could infect you.

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