Regrettably, the HIV virus is a disease that carries a stigma. People feel humiliated and ashamed by being infected with HIV. This humiliation creates a fear of getting tested in a public location, which is the most common reason for people not to get tested.

Research has shown that treatment of patients not only controls the HIV infection, but also reduces the chances of passing the infection to their partner. Getting as much people tested for HIV as possible is an important issue in the fight against HIV, because world wide an estimated 70 % of all HIV positive people are unaware of the infection.

Increasing privacy by offering HIV home tests to the public helps reducing the number of newly HIV infected people. HIV clinics and hospitals do not offer enough privacy and anonymity.
HIV home testing is a different and private situation. HIV home tests can easily be used on your own at home, assistance is not needed. HIV home testing is of great importance when it comes to reaching the people that should be tested but are afraid their privacy is in danger. HIV testing at home is completely anonymous.

THREE RULES FOR MAINTAINING YOUR PRIVACY understands that privacy is highly sensitive, HIV testing should always be private, discreet and anonymous.

1. We send our products in totally discreet packages. No one can see what is inside the package.

2. We use discreet bank statements and copies of creditcard statements, these will not show any information about the product.

3. We delete client information after the order has been delivered. All information about our clients is removed after the package has been sent.

This is how we guarantee our customers privacy.


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