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The Ora Quick HIV home test is the only FDA approved HIV test for home use.

You can order this very reliable test here, we ship discreet and fast.

Test yourself in the privacy of your own home, it only takes 20 minutes to receive accurate result.

Packaging and payment details are completely confidential.

When to get tested for HIV?

If you, or your partner had unprotected sex. If you, or your partner used injectable drugs.

Being diagnosed early is very important. Early intervention improves treatment, and it reduces the spread of HIV to other people.

About 50 % of HIV infected people notice early symptoms. There are many signs of HIV infection. Fever is often accompanied by other mostly mild symptoms like a sore throat, fatigue and swollen lymph glands. However, these symptoms could be caused by many different illnesses. If you suspect a possible infection, it is advised to get tested immediately.

Now, you can order the Ora Quick HIV home test kit for home use. Be sure about your health, and stop the spread of HIV.

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Afraid of being infected with HIV?

Many people are at least once in their life confronted with the possibility of being infected with HIV. This uncertain period can last for a long time. Some people stay worried unnecessary long.

The HIV test can be performed at home completely discreet, it is a great way to get rid of the uncertainty. These tests are very accurate and easy to use. To read about the actual risks of HIV transmission:

About HIV Infection Chances